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Spiral staircases

   Our company offers a full range of services for the design fabrication and installation of spiral staircases. The variety of materials and modern technologies allow to realize the most courageous decisions of designers.

   Extensive design possibilities offered by a combination of different materials, the use of various types of handrails and railings. Each ladder can be a unique home decoration, executed in any style.

   Using stainless steel as a material for fencing ladder in combination with natural wood or stone contributes to the creation of entertainment and expression of the entire composition. Metal parts fences can also overlap with the furniture pieces.

   The spiral staircase - a constructive alternative to the march. These stairs occasionally used as a major, major. However, their role in the house determined not only functional purpose. As a rule, spiral staircases - a bright, spectacular part of the domestic interior of the home, which has an independent artistic value.

   Spiral staircases are made up of stages, the center console and handrails. Around a metal rod in a spiral, at intervals of 190-220 mm, forming a single fixed march tapered tread length of 700 mm. To foot comfortable "feel" on stage, the central width of the tread shall be not less than 200-250 mm, in the widest part - no more than 400 mm. This design is fixed to the lower deck and to the side of the overlap of the upper floors and does not require a bearing wall.

Metal ladders

   Our company offers a full range of services for the design fabrication and installation of floating. The variety of materials and modern technologies allow to realize the most courageous decisions of designers.

   Floating on the string on your device are consistent with the traditional building structures and designs. This does not prevent them to remain among the most demanded and popular, demand is constantly increasing. The phenomenon of the popularity of these stairs is quite understandable. Firstly much of the staircase is made of steel, it allows you to design more compact ladder, just a steel staircase more secure, strong and durable than wood. However, steel less suitable for a country house, but it can be solved linked materials such as wood or step revet steps to make a polymer coating to a tree structure. Using a combination of steel and wood - a popular option in modern design. In FLOATING on the string considered optimal biomechanics of human movement up and down.

   Such FLOATING perfectly fit into the room where there is no need to save space. If space allows, you should not abandon the construction of the march on the string, because it is such a ladder is characterized by a maximum strength with minimal connections.

   Bowstrings are called runners, which are located on both sides of the march.

   Visually floating impression of strength and reliability, acceptable load this ladder and actually stand up very impressive.

   We offers design manufacture and installation of stairs interfloor general. They are the most common and high demand. The main criterion in selecting design staircases should be ease of use, which is defined as a combination of several categories - the angle of ascent / descent, width of passage on the stairs, the presence of rotating parts, the availability of free space above the head man rises, secure fence stairs and openings.

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